Auto Diagnostic Brake Liquid TesterAuto Diagnostic Brake Liquid TesterAuto Diagnostic Brake Liquid TesterAuto Diagnostic Brake Liquid TesterAuto Diagnostic Brake Liquid TesterAuto Diagnostic Brake Liquid Tester

Auto Diagnostic Brake Liquid Tester

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2Pcs JDiag FT123 Brake Fluid Tester

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Product Details

JDiag FT123 Brake Fluid Tester is used to detect the quality of brake fluid, brake fluid moisture percentage of the test results will be showen by 5 LED lights.
According to the change in conductivity to determine the water changes in brake oil, through the light-emitting diode, FT123 clearly shows the degree of moisture, high moisture content will lead to lower boiling point, a ecting the braking performance. Red light means the brake oil needs to be replaced, green light means the oil state is good, and yellow light means the oil state is acceptable.
Powerful function with ease operation
Accurate measurement, safety;
Detect all types brake oil
Automatically power on
DOT 3/4/5 Brake Fluid Testable


Brake oil testing pen is according to the variation of electrical conductivity to determine the moisture content of the brake oil changes. It through the light-emitting diodes (leds) clearly shows the degree of moisture content, high moisture will lead to the boiling point is reduced, affect the braking performance. Red said brake oil need to be replaced immediately, green said to be in good condition, yellow said state fair, but is going to change.

Green LED lamp = brake fluid H2O < 1.5%

Yellow LED lamp = brake fluid H2O = 1.5%to 3%, can continue to use, after 6 months to detect again

Red LED lamp = brake fluid H2O > 3%, brake fluid can not continue to use, need to be replaced

Red LED: change brake fluid

LED red flicker: replace the battery

LED yellow: low moisture content, check again after six months

LED green: brake fluid line / cell line

The use of 3A batter (package not include)

Performance characteristics:

Five LED indicator light shows that the test results are more accurate.

Test DOT345 brake oil

Press the switch to turn on the power, green LED light is on behalf of the battery is normal, the green not light means need replace the battery

Auto Power Off function

Technical parameter:

Green: the battery is OK, that is, no water in the brake fluid

Less than 1% of water content in green/yellow: brake oil, brake oil performance is good, can be at ease use.

Yellow/green/yellow: about 2% of water content in brake oil, brake oil may continue to use.

Green / yellow / yellow / Red: the amount of water in the brake oil is about 3%, it is recommended to replace the brake oil.

Green / yellow / red / red / Red: the water content of the brake oil at least 4%, must immediately replace the brake oil is responsible for the very dangerous.

Notice: The above data is for reference only
Battery: AAAA X1(not Including in package), the battery cover is opened in the direction indicated by the arrow.
If press the power button then green LED does not light up, need to replace the battery
Wash the test probe with water after use
Please do not expose the brake fluid in the air for a long time, it has a strong water absorption
Prepare before testing
Unscrew the lid of the brake fluid reservoir and unplug the pen from host. Immersed the test probe into the brake fluid tank
Water content testing
Press the power button then green LED will light. hold for 1s, the test results will be shown by the LED lights, test finish, FT123 will automatically shut down after 12 seconds.
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2pcs * JDiag FT123 Brake Fluid Tester

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 Brake Fluid Tester

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